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Your Stress Level is: 50%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.
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omg squee

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I am having a BOY!!!

You bet I am thrilled. I really wanted a little boy. I have pics to post later. He is doing well and everything looks great.

the only bad thing is that I have only gained 1 lb since he last saw me.

for names I really like Kyle Alan.

For the nursery I want to go with a Nautical theme. I LOVE the ocean and think this would be a great theme for a little boy.
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foamy melting your brain

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I didn't do much running around this weekend. I spent it resting and doing little things around here getting ready for the baby. Packing away clothes I can't wear making room for new stuff.

The ultra sound is this morning and this whole drink 32 ounces of water an hour before sucks!!! I have to pee and vomit. That was WAY to much to down so fast at 8am.

I gotta run bye
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sadness is all I can feel

Never have I supported Capital Punishment but after yesterday...

Police: Man Driving With Wife's Severed Head Crashes Car, Killing 2

The above link is the story that shocked me as rumors dribbled out around the Boise area until everything came forward. Everyone was talking about the accident, that I had to by pass on my way to work. Matt was even there at the scene and kept saying that there was just so much blood.

A wreckless driver went head on with another car and killed 2 of the 3 passengers. The 8 year old little girl is in the hospital now but her mother and sister are gone. Something like this would not push me to saying a man/woman deserves the death penalty. You see, there is even more to this story that makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. first there were rumors that the police found a body in the drivers car, but as you read, it was actually the head of a woman.

As I said there were rumors and no names had been released. No one knew who was killed or how it happened. Hollies, a co-worker I have been getting close too and have looked up to in my training to learn, is the sister to Theresa the woman who was be-headed. Hollies had no idea that it was her sister until last night.

The last part of the article on this site is the part that just hurts the most.

Time faced domestic battery charges for an allegedly choking his wife in March, according to court records. A trial already was set for July 25. A judge issued a no-contact order,which barred Time from seeing his wife.

Theresa Timefiled paperwork asking that the order be withdrawn. Last month, after she completed "safety planning classes" at a local crisis center, theno-contact order was lifted.

Another article about it and it goes more into the familes involved is here

Two families devastated by homicide, crash

Nampa man charged after head is found at accident scene where mother and child died in head-on crash

Here is a man who killed his wife and then killed 2 more innocent people. In a tragedy such as this where there is no doubt that he commited these crimes, I can't help but want to see him die.

I don't believe in capital punishment, but I guess even someone as stubborn as myself can have a change of mind. Work was very solemn today. Hollies came in and left. I know last year her mother died and she had moved out here to Boise to be with her sister.

I can't believe her sister was trying to get back with her abusive husband. I hear about this and can't help but wonder, if that could have been me. What if I didn't get out of my marriage when I did? What if I tried to remain in contact with him? It really is scary.

If anything good can come of this whole situation, I pray that other women out there see this and get out and away from an abuser. Don't be quiet and continue making excuses for his behavior. Don't believe the lies that you need him and can't survive without him.

There are many survivors out here. I am one of them. No matter how bad your situation is, staying in an abusive relationship will be worse. GET OUT!!! Seek help. The help is out there, don't be afraid or ashamed. Yes your whole life will be turned upside and you may lose things that are precious to you. It won't be easy. I know John wants me dead and I know once he is in jail, his family will try to make good on the threats. Yes I am afraid, but I am not alone and I am taking the steps to keep myself safe. You just have to step out and leave.

You don't deserve to be beaten and belittled and yelled out. You are not at fault for HIS behavior. He is at fault. I think that is another hard thing to get through someon'es head whom has been in an abusive and controling relationship. How can someone get better and stop their bad actions, if they can't accept responsibility and keep apologizing and trying to "make up" for their abuse? The answer is simple. They can't!

I can't tell you enough how badly I want women all over to see this and get help. That is one reason why I am making this entry public.

Please share this with others and this article. Theresa Time didn't have to die at the hands of her husband, nor did the Murphy family have to lose their loved ones.
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