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Look for the Girl with the Broken Smile

2 May 1972
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  • xrosedreamsx
Look for the girl with the broken smile...
And she will be loved

One word that my friends have used to describe me:

opium_lips = Unique :)
place_to_hide = Sweet
ladyforash = Strong
deviantfantasy = Amazing
c_ash_flow = Extraordinary
momentsintime = rotten! in the spoiled and sweet way (I so should kick her butt for that one. lol)
circlingfreedom = Horny:D
aladriana = wonderful

That's Me! Dee

This Journal is Friends only

There are public graphics entries for icons and layouts and I do accept requests.

My layout was created by xrosedreamsx
My header was created by xrosedreamsx image was taken from Blairguerau By ulahts
for the Monster ModRen 3 contest.
My friends only banner was created by xrosedreamsx
My Britney Spears mood theme was created by picatso
All other graphics unless otherwise noted are done by me xrosedreamsx

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

created by eriksangel84